Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Beltway Buzz: Are Democrats Really Just Making a Roundabout Defense of Communism?

My Dad would ask me if socialism was so great, why would citizens of socialist countries risk death to escape it; climbing the Berlin wall, or rafting to Florida. From Beltway Buzz:

Oregon Democrat Senator Ron Wyden was particularly caustic in his questioning of Negroponte, interrupting the ambassador regularly and despite his stated intention to not do so, was clearly trying to re-debate the contra issue of the 80’s.

However, as Negroponte reminded Wyden, “It’s not as if refugees were fleeing Honduras into the neighboring communist counties,” as Wyden asserted, “it was just the opposite. Despite the noted abuses that took place in Honduras, thousands were fleeing the surrounding countries to come there,” where the standard of human rights was markedly higher.

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