Friday, April 08, 2005

B39 Olds and Lunch at Pop's in St Charles

Met B39Olds at Pop's Place on North Ave in St Charles just east of the Fox River. Pop lives around Diversey and Harlem. He and his wife commute each day all the way to St Charles, so we in the far west burbs have Chicago style food.

B39Olds Posted by Hello

B39Olds had the Gyros Special including fries and a medium drink.

B39OldsGyros Posted by Hello

I had the hot dog special: two pups with everything, fries, and a medium drink. Note to international readers, we don't use ketchup on hot dogs in Chicago. It's not done. I have a friend who travels to Latin American and he tells me they put mayonnaise on their hot dogs in Chili.

BillsPups Posted by Hello

Normally we would go for a beer later at The Thirsty Fox or Pub 222.


Diane said...

I am so jealous. Everytime I go to visit my parents in Villa Park I inhale chicago hot dogs and Italian beef sandwiches. oh, man, I would love to have one of those places down here in this part of the state.

39olds said...

I was watching the food channel and Joe Mantegna has opened a Chicago style restaurant in California. He serves Italian beef,sausage, hot dogs, and pizza all Chicago style.