Sunday, March 13, 2005

Bataan, Maywood, and the Illinois National Guard

Grow up next to Maywood, Illinois with a Dad who served in WWII and you know about Bataan and the Illinois National Guard units who served there and were captured by the Japanese.

General Wainwright surrendered the American forces at Bataan and General Percival surrendered the British at Singapore. My Dad told me about both when I was a kid.

Dad served with the Army Air Corps in the pacific. The picture above is Dad with a friend in front of the "Hole in the Wall" bar in Manila in October 1945. The messages below are ones my Dad kept from Wainwright after Wainwright's liberation from the Japanese. There are two and they read:

To: Gen D. MacArthur, My party as formerly reported to you together with Percival and orderly arriving Nichols 1730. Signed Wainright.

And the other,

To: Maj Gen I.P. Swift, Dear Palmer....... Am now approaching Manila by Air ETA 1730/Item I hope I can see you and other of my gallant comrades of the 1st Cav Div Tonight. Signed Wainright.

The pictures from the Canadian Vets inspired me to dig these documents out of my files.

It's history my Dad wouldn't want forgotten.

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