Monday, February 28, 2005

Rosty and Bishop's Chili

Congressman Dan Rostenkowski stopped at Bishop's on 18th and Damen for a farewell bowl of chili before trekking to Oxford Wisconsin and returned again soon after his release to celebrate with a another bowl.

The guys at the North Riverside Bishop's told me this story. They should know. They worked at 18th and Damen for years.

Chicago Public Schools tore down the original Bishop's and the City belatedly offered them a lot near Lindy's; but that location didn't make much business sense. Walgreens built over the second Bishop's in Forest Park so both haunts are lost to us now. Only the offsprings in North Riverside and Westmont remain.

Most don't know this West Sider trivia, but Chicago named Damen Avenue after fellow Dutchman and West Sider Father Arnold Damen. Father Damen founded Holy Family Church in 1860 and opened near by Saint Ignatius College; now known as St. Ignatius College Prep.

Father Arnold Damen died in 1890, but local legend believes his ghost continues to hauntHoly Family Church and nearby St. Ignatius school. Numerous people over the years have reported seeing a man dressed in clerical garb wandering the halls of the school at night or passing through the church. -- thanks to the Gapers Block

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