Saturday, February 19, 2005

Paul Douglas Brigades

I was an anti-war activist during Vietnam. During those years my Dad would tell me the story of Illinois' Senator Paul Douglas volunteering to serve in WWII as a private in the Marines. Dad never told me what to believe or protest or not protest. He just told me about Paul Douglas.

Mark Schields wrote a column suggesting creation of Paul Douglas Brigades. It's a good idea.

Many of my friends opposed to our invasion -and liberation- of Iraq told me Bush was motivated by fundamentalist Christian beliefs. But I believe History will find the example of Bush Senior's service in WWII was at work inside Bush (and me and others) and not religion. Not that I think Bush was irrational, but I think it's important we know the ghosts influencing our choices, and I think our parents' ghosts often the most influential.

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