Sunday, February 27, 2005

Maureen Dowd on Iraq

Jackson's Juncton has streaming video of Maureen Dowd on Meet the Press today responding to Russerts queston: "Would you now accept the fact that because of the invasion of Iraq, there is a possibility of democracy in Iraq and that may spread in the Middle East?"

Not sure what in the world she was trying to say in response to Russert: Moral Absolutism leads to Putin leads to male escorts in the White House press corps... ok, well.

Watch for yourself thanks to Jackson's Junction: <watch>


Trey Jackson said...

That's funny! Thanks for the link.


Bardwell said...

Dowd is always all over the map, so I'll answer your question more directly -- no, the end does not justify the means. After all, this is hardly the end. Iraq had an election? Fantastic. So did the South Vietnamese, and you see how well that worked out. Even if Iraq turns out 100 percent successful -- and that seems highly unlikely by any reasonable estimate -- it doesn't change the fact that we started a war on false premise and lost thousands of lives by putting our troops out in harm's way without a full commitment. Bottom line: even if the Iraqis turn out great, it doesn't change the fact that America bungled this thing big-time.