Saturday, February 19, 2005

Egg Breaking

If you love Chicago you need a copy of The Encyclopedia of Chicago.

Pages 887 to 896 devoted to entries on "Work" and "Work Culture" including a photo of women working in an egg-breaking plant in 1941.

"Egg breaking to provide processed egg products (as compared to shell eggs) was well established before World War II. The demand for dried eggs for lend-lease and military needs during the war meant an increased need for egg breakers." p.890

I worked summers at Harrington and King Perforating Company in the West Side's neighborhood known as "The Island" . My boss was from Hungary and his constant compliant was someone was slacking off, and instead of doing their job, the slacker was out hunting for the guy who invented work because they wanted to hang him.

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Adrian said...

The very idea of an egg breaking plant seems daft, but now it is explained to me, I see why it was needed.

An egg breaking plant is featured in a great film about London called The London Nobody Knows. There was one on the south bank of the Thames in central London. The area now is a very cultural quarter.