Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Eddie Vrdolyak, you're gone!

From today's Sun Times on Underdog stuns Cicero leader :

Dominick, a Cicero employee for 34 years, had a long climb from garbage man to town president. His supporters roared with delight when the victory became apparent around 8:15 p.m., chanting "Larry, Larry, Larry."

Dominick said his first task would be to get rid of Ed Vrdolyak, the former Chicago alderman and Loren-Maltese adviser whose law firm bills Cicero about $1 million a year. Dominick claimed Gonzalez was a puppet of Vrdolyak,which Gonzalez denied.

"Eddie Vrdolyak, you're gone!" Dominick told cheering supporters at Alessandro's Banquets on Cermak. "His days of controlling this town and getting rich off our tax dollars are over."

The Sun Times wrote earlier about Dominick bumping into mobsters at the Czech Plaza on Cermak. It's a great restaurant with a great selection of Czech and Slovak beer now.

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