Monday, February 28, 2005

Anti Semitism in Europe

I'm a follower of Current Viewpoint and alarmed at the growing anti semitism in Europe. Here's What is Happening to Tony Blair's Britain? Followed by this from the International Hearld Tribune. Below is a quote from the Current Viewpoint article.

This leads me to a dismaying incident at the Conference this past week of Brit Tzedek l’Shalom, a peace group devoted to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. At a seminar about the American Christian Right (a mortal danger to the world, according to the facilitator), I got up and suggested that the poisoning of Islam by radical Imams and terror leaders in Europe and the UK, coupled with the appalling rise of anti-Semitism in Britain created such a potent mix as to make we want to emigrate from Europe to the USA. --Current Viewpoint Feb 28,2005

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