Friday, September 08, 2017

US airstrike kills 4 Shabaab fighters in 2 separate airstrikes | FDD's Long War Journal

US airstrike kills 4 Shabaab fighters in 2 separate airstrikes | FDD's Long War Journal

Dimon and Durbin

Jamie Dimon funnies via Jamie Dimon leaves Wall Street perch to have a say in Washington
During his interactions with lawmakers, Dimon can be brash and expresses annoyance with Congress’s inability to advance legislation, people who attended the meetings said.
Sometimes he would show his lighter side. 
One day in July, Dimon spotted his Democratic Senator Richard Durbin, an old foe who championed a rule that slashed debit card fees and which Dimon has called “downright idiotic.” 
Durbin was withdrawing money from a non-Chase ATM when Dimon approached from behind and quipped: “We welcome competition.” 
A Durbin representative confirmed the interaction, first described by a Politico reporter in a tweet, took place but declined to elaborate.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Rock Island Confederate Cemetery Rock Island, Illinois

And here's the Rock Island Confederate Cemetery in Congresswoman's Bustos's District.
The Confederate Cemetery covers a rectangular, three-acre parcel of land, bound by Rodman Avenue and a post-and-chain fence to the north, Confederate Avenue to the south, and heavy tree cover to the east and west. A paved walkway extends from Rodman Avenue to the edge of the burials, passing a six-foot tall obelisk the Daughters of the Confederacy dedicated in 2003 to the Confederate veterans who died at Rock Island. At the south end of the grounds, opposite the monument, is the cemetery’s flagpole. Four Confederate cannons sit near the entrance, two each on either side of the monument.

Confederate Mound at Oak Woods Cemetery Chicago, Illinois

Southsiders of a certain age know about Chicago's Camp Douglas. My Dad would point it out every trip south on Lakeshore Drive. 1965 was the centenary of the Civil War so there was much more talk of the war in the 60s than today perhaps. 4,200 graves of Confederate Soldiers who died at the camp were interned at Oak Woods Cemetery and memorialized with a statue dedicated by President Cleveland (a Democrat btw) in 1895.
Confederate Mound is an elliptical plot, approximately 475 feet by 275 feet, located between Divisions 1 and 2 of Section K. The most prominent feature of the plot is the Confederate Monument, a 30-foot granite column topped with a bronze statue of a Confederate soldier, a figure based on the painting “Appomattox” by John A. Elder. At the base of the tapered square shaft are three bas-relief images: “The Call to Arms” showing a group rallying for the cause, “A Soldier’s Death Dream” depicting a fallen soldier and his horse on the battlefield, and “A Veteran’s Return Home” showing a soldier arriving at a ruined cabin. General John C. Underwood, a regional head of the United Confederate Veterans, designed the monument and was at its dedication on May 30, 1895, along with President Grover Cleveland and an estimated 100,000 on-lookers. In 1911, the Commission for Marking the Graves of Confederate Dead paid to have the monument lifted up and set upon a base of red granite; affixed to the four sides of the base were bronze plaques inscribed with the names of Confederate soldiers known to be buried in the mass grave.
Update: Lee Bey writing in 2010,
The fix-up would rejuvenate one of the most spectacular, if little-known, monuments in Chicago. The two-acre mound at Oak Woods features a 46-foot Georgia granite monument topped by a bronze statue of a Confederate soldier with this arms folded and looking downward.‚ The names of the dead are written on bronze plaques near the base.‚ Cannons and stacked cannonballs mark the perimeters of the mound. Here's what the monument looked like before the scaffolding went up:

The dead were prisoners at the notorious Camp Douglas, a Union training base turned prisoner-of-war camp near 35th and the Lake. As a prison camp, Douglas was called "eighty acres of hell" because of the disease and cruelty manifest there. After the war, the federal government bought land within Oak Woods and buried the dead prisoners there without much fanfare.‚ But by the 1890s, ex-Confederates within Chicago and in Georgia raised the funds to design and build the monument, which was dedicated in 1895.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Modern Healthcare: Hospital volumes laid low by high-deductible health plans

The results of hallow insurance via Modern Healthcare.
The ascendency of high-deductible insurance plans is making it just that much more difficult for hospitals to hold the margins they've come to enjoy, he said. In 2016, for the first time, more than half of all workers (51%) with single coverage faced a deductible of at least $1,000, according to a study released last September by the Kaiser Family Foundation/Health Research & Educational Trust. The study showed that 29% of workers were in high-deductible plans compared with 20% two years earlier.